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Small Town Feel, Big City Amenities

Residents of Algonquin love the small town feel, the old architecture, and the stunning beauty of this area. Just a quick drive around town and it's obvious this is a village that has kept it's natural beauty, even as they have grown. With a population of just over 30,000 people, this is no one horse town, and the shops, businesses, and commercial districts here give residents many clear choices when going about their daily lives. So if you're looking for a physician, a new doctor's office, an appointment with a nurse practitioner, or want to find out what's new in healthcare in the area, where do you look? Let Complete Family Wellness tell you about our new Mobile Primary Care practice in the area, and how we serve the residents of Algonquin!

Village of Algonquin Illinois, Cemetery Veterans Memorial

Be heard, your health is important.

Progress is amazing, no one can deny that. While we all love the added amenities that come with modern day progress, we also recognize that it comes with a lot more. More traffic, more crowds, more of our own time spent getting from place to place, waiting on the things that our family needs and wants. Life is already hectic, your choice of medical care shouldn't make it worse. Certainly in this new age of Covid-19, it shouldn't make you more at risk, more exposed to large crowds and new people. Whether you currently have a doctor's office, a specific physician that you see on a regular basis, or a family primary care practice that you go to, one thing is for certain, they haven't changed with the times. On top of that, most of our customers say that a trip to a healthcare office is stressful, and many of the complaints we hear revolve around the long drive, the inability to get doctor's appointments for themselves, much less many members of their family at the same time. So many times patients have told us stories of being sat in a crowded physician's waiting room, waiting long past their appointment time, only to be rushed in and out of an exam room for a few scant minutes, feeling like they were never heard. How can a doctor, physician, or primary care provider treat a patient properly if they don't really take the time to listen? The answer is, they can't. These are the reasons we started our Mobile Primary Care practice.

You're our priority

Everything about our practice is about you. We have a family, and we know what it's like, it's the very reason we started our Mobile Primary Care practice. Tired of fighting traffic up and down the main thoroughfares of Algonquin, just to get to a doctor's appointment? We come to you. We provide all of the same services that a family practice physician can, we just do so in the comfort of your own home.  


Tired of being stuck in crowded waiting rooms, surrounded by sick people you don't know, unsure of the risk? Wait in the comfort of your own home, read a book, get some chores done, or just spend time with your loved ones. Then be seen at a time of your choosing, by a healthcare professional in the safety of your own home. 

Tired of your doctor's office telling you that only one family member can come to the office at a time due to Covid-19 protocols? Sick of waiting weeks for appointments when you're ill, or having to schedule your children's school physicals months in advance? We pride ourselves on family scheduling, and want you to be able to have every member of your family seen at the same time, for whatever reason, when they need to be seen. We even offer extended evening and weekend hours that other medical practices don't provide, because patients shouldn't need to take time off from their busy schedules just to see a physician.

Village of Algonquin Illinois, Cemetery Veterans Memorial Army


Your health, and your time, is yours. Don't let someone else dictate what's important to your family. Reach out to chat with us and let us show you what healthcare should be, when someone puts you and your family first. Better yet book an appointment online today!

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