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When we think of quiet beautiful places to live in the northwest suburbs, Trout Valley, Illinois is at the top of the list. With a population of under a thousand residents it is one of the most exclusive villages in the Fox River Valley area. While the amenities boasted by this community are plentiful there is but one extremely small commercial storefront located along the western border of the village, and virtually no local access to healthcare facilities. Whether residents here are looking for a new doctor, researching physician's in the area, or want to find a primary care office, the options here are virtually non-existent. With so few medical facilities in the village, what options do residents really have? Read on and let us explain why we feel our Mobile Primary Care practice is the best choice for families in Trout Valley!

Village of Trout Valley Illinois, Entrance

Travel less and stay safe

Living in Trout Valley is an experience, it's the reason people move here. To be surrounded by nature at every turn, friendly neighbors, and escape traffic, noise, and the general hustle and bustle of the surrounding towns. Most of the residents here already have to travel for some distance to get to the surrounding commercial districts for shopping and other activities. Should a visit to your doctor's office or primary care physician also be one of those chores? The main travel corridors west of the fox river such as U.S. Route 14, U.S. Route 31, and Algonquin Road become slow and cumbersome with midday traffic, exactly the time your medical office or healthcare provider wants to see you. Not only do most people already dread the long drive to the doctor's office, but then they have to sit in a crowded waiting room, usually past their appointment time. Add in concerns about Covid-19, and some people simply skip necessary visits to see their primary care provider all together!

Village of Trout Valley Illinois, Barn

Let your primary care provider come to you.

Complete Family Wellness is a Mobile Primary Care provider. What does this mean for you? It means you can avoid all the traffic, all the risks, and be seen by a friendly, caring, healthcare professional, in the comfort of your own home. We understand that people today are more concerned than ever about their family's health, but time is precious, and our customers don't want to expose their family to extra risk to just to make an appointment. We travel to your home, and provide all the same services that a traditional doctor, physician, or medical office can offer. So spend some extra time on the water, sit on your porch and enjoy that cup of coffee, but know that you can spend more time in a place that you love and still receive safe, professional, healthcare right in your own home. 

Still on the fence?

Come see what we're all about. Better yet, book an appointment today and let us bring healthcare to you!

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