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Our Services

Our entire goal at Complete Family Wellness is to ensure that you and your family have professional, quality, comprehensive healthcare available to you in the most convenient way possible. We offer all the same services as a traditional doctor's office but in the safety and comfort of your own home, and provide evening and weekend hours that most medical practices aren't able to provide. See our wide range of services below and if you have any additional needs that you don't see listed just ask and we will make every effort to accommodate you and your family.

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Acute Health Issues

Common Colds/ Flu

Strep throat/ Sore Throat

Urinary Tract Infections


Acute injuries to include sutures

Acute Pain

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Chronic Health Issues





Depression/ Anxiety

Postpartum Depression

Asthma/ COPD


Cardiovascular disease


Chronic pain/ Fibromyalgia

Migraines/ Chronic Headaches

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Virtual Visits

Chronic health concerns

Acute health concerns


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We currently accept the following insurance:

Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO 

United Healthcare




We also offer cash only prices for customers who are currently without insurance.

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Customer's utilizing cash payments will receive a 10% discount if their visit is paid in full at the time of service.


Any family scheduling two or more family member appointments together in one visit will receive a 15% discount off the total cost of their visit. (cash payment customers only, to support those families currently without insurance)

Only one discount applied per visit, whichever is greater.

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Cosmetic Botox

Cosmetic procedure used to temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe forehead lines and crows feet in adults. (Insurance does not cover Botox applications, this is a cash payment only service)

Groups of five or more wishing to schedule Cosmetic Botox together will receive a discounted rate, call or email for more information.

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Trigger finger injections

Steroid injections for joint pain

Incision drainage for cysts and abscess

Cyst removal

Wart removal

Skin biopsy's

Skin tag removals

Cosmetic Botox

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After Hours Care

Emergency calls

First Responder scheduling as approved

Critical care questions

Medication shortage

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Physical Exams

School Physicals

Work Physicals

Sports Physicals

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Upcoming Additions

Complete Family Wellness is currently in the process of trying to obtain authorization to accept Tri-Care Insurance for veteran families.

We are also in the process of building our first Mobile Care Unit, a mobile medical office that would allow families to receive care at their doorstep in a fully operation medical office on wheels. We will continue to post updates on this exciting venture!

Complete Family Wellness uses the athenahealth portal system to help you access your health information for different doctors' offices with just one email and password. Patients who have questions regarding this system may contact us directly.

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