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When residents talk about the Village of Lake in the Hills they talk both about it's natural beauty, and expansive growth. While technically still a village, the limits of Lake in the Hills expand from the Illinois Route 47 corridor to the west, all the way past the U.S. Route 31 corridor in the east. Boasting just under 30,000 residents at the last census and with explosive commercial growth across the area, the town is growing quickly. Healthcare choices here are abundant. Residents have many doctor's, physicians, nurse practitioners, and medical offices they can visit when needed. So how to choose? Many residents feel that the infrastructure in the area hasn't kept up with growth, that roadways are crowded and slow. Getting anywhere during the daytime takes extra planning and time. Major intersections such as Algonquin Rd and Randall Rd. can severely slow down travel down, and are located along all the major commercial corridors. Exactly where patients need to go to see their doctor. Add in all of the new concerns over Covid-19, including scheduling restrictions that physician's are placing on their patients, and requirements that only one family member can visit a primary care practice at a time, and patients feel like they can never see their physician. Many patients expressed concern not only about long wait lists to get appointments, but sitting in crowded waiting rooms, sometimes past their appointment time. When they finally do see their primary care practitioner they feel rushed and unheard. So what is a family in Lake in the Hills to do? We at Complete Family Wellness have the answer, and created our Mobile Family Practice to solve all these issues and many more. Read further to see how we can serve the residents of the Village of Lake in the Hills!

Village of Lake in the Hills, City Hall
Village of Lake in the Hills, Water Tower

We bring healthcare to you...

It's pretty simple really. Our family got tired of waiting weeks for appointments. Taking off work just to drive in traffic just to go sit in some waiting room. Dragging ourselves, or worse yet a sick child or loved one, all over town just to see a doctor when they were ill. Only to get to our physician's office and wait.....and wait...and wait. 

We want you to be healthy, happy, and safe. We don't want you to have to drive all over town just to get healthcare. We don't want you to worry if the people waiting in the medical office with you are contagious. We want you to be heard during your appointments, and feel safe in the comfort of your own home. Have every single member of your family taken care of at the same time if you wish. Our Mobile Primary Care Practice brings professional, safe, convenient medical care right to your door. We provide all the same services as a traditional doctor's office or physician, but in the comfort of your home. Spend time with your loved ones, enjoy your neighborhood, and know that we will be by shortly to check on you and your family. 

We listen...

We believe everyone should be heard. Most primary care practitioners rush patients in and out in order to maximize profits. We believe in spending the time that our patients need, and listening. Try us out and see for yourself today.

Village of Lake in the Hills Illinois, Turtle Island Gazebo


Feel free to take off those seatbelts, tilt that chair back, and come see what we're all about. Reach out and contact us and let us tell you why we think we can serve you and your family better than anyone else. Better yet book an appointment today and we will fly right over!

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