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Oakwood Hills Healthcare Options

The Village of Oakwood Hills is a beautiful and private community consisting almost completely of residential neighborhoods. With that in mind there are few, if any, physicians, healthcare facilities, doctors, or primary care practices in the village. While it's true that Oakwood Hills is surrounded by larger communities that do provide access to such facilities, not every resident wants to travel that far, or has the ability to do so. With little to no commercial space available in the village most residents believe that having a neighborhood doctor's office is unlikely at best. Complete Family Wellness believes that every family should have access to a primary care provider, not only in their own neighborhood, but in the safety of their own home. Read on and let us share with you how our Mobile Primary Care practice can serve you in Oakwood Hills!

Village of Oakwood Hills Illinois North Beach
Stone Road
Village of Oakwood Hills Illinois, Town Hall Sign
Village of Oakwood Hills Illinois, Town Hall

Village of Oakwood Hills Illinois

A lack of healthcare options makes a Mobile Primary Care Practice your best option. See why....

The Village of Oakwood Hills is a small village situated east of State route 31 and west of the Fox River bordered by State route 176 and 14

Travel is a big deal these days

Leaving your home for just about anything these last few years has turned into quite the ordeal. Going to see your own physician or doctor at their medical facility has always been a hassle. A majority of our patients tell us that their biggest complaint when they visit their primary care practice is the long wait for appointments coupled with the long travel time. Even worse many of them are forced to wait excessively in some crowded waiting room, even past their appointment time, just to see a provider for a couple of minutes. It shouldn't be this way, at least we don't think so. Even worse, in the age of Covid-19 you have make sure that your prepared when you step out of the house, and you have to worry about the risk you take going to a crowded medical facility. If you live in a place like Oakwood Hills it becomes even more challenging due to the fact that there are no options within the village itself and residents are forced to travel to distant communities just to seek healthcare. So what to do?

Let us come to you

There is no longer any reason to wait weeks for appointments that you have to drive to. There isn't any reason to sit past your appointment time in some sterile waiting room, only to have five short minutes with a doctor or primary care physician who doesn't seem to listen and is in a rush to move on to the next patient. No one should feel scared going to their healthcare provider, and they certainly shouldn't be inconvenienced. Complete Family Wellness saw a need, and we created one of the only Mobile Primary Care medical practices in the area. We bring all of the same services that your nurse practitioner, health clinic, doctor, or physician can provide in their offices, but we bring all those services to you. No one wants to leave home when they have a cold or flu, or need additional testing and lab work. Why travel just to receive a simple immunization, booster, physical exam, or update prescriptions? Let us make your life easier, safer, and healthier. 

Village of Oakwood Hills Illinois Beach
Oakwood Hills Illinois Clubhouse

Don't miss your tee time.

Or any of life's other important events. 

We provide safe, convenient, friendly healthcare, right in your own home. There's no need to waste your time driving to appointments, or sitting in waiting rooms, to be brushed aside after a few minutes. Let us visit you, listen to your needs, and treat you at home, so you can be on with your day. Book an appointment, or contact us with any questions you may have!

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