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Crystal Lake Illinois is a beautiful suburb of approximately 18 square miles nestled in between the three main travel corridors of Illinois Route 176, U.S. Route 14, and U.S. Route 31. Consisting of approximately 39,000 citizens at the last census it is one of the faster growing towns in the northwest suburbs. With plenty of rural areas for country living, and major commercial arteries, citizens have plenty of choices when it comes to healthcare, often at the cost of long, slow, travel times. When looking for a doctor's office, medical practice, or family physician, residents can become overwhelmed by the many choices, especially when all of them seem the same. Add in wait times in most primary care offices, not to mention strict Covid-19 protocols, and patients feel as if they are being brushed aside. That's why we at Complete Family Wellness started our Mobile Primary Care practice, to solve these problems and so many more. Read on to see how we help the residents of Crystal Lake Illinois.

Crystal Lake Illinois City Hall


We live in an age of convenience. Nowadays, everything comes to your home. You can order groceries and have them dropped off the same night. Lunch from your favorite restaurant? No problem. Need a new tool? Parts for your swimming pool heater? Anything you need, except healthcare. We decided to fix that. Patients have constantly told us that they are tired of setting medical appointments weeks in advance. They feel forced to take off work because their doctor's office is only open during midday. Finally, they are exhausted by driving long distances to appointments to see a physician who keeps them waiting in a waiting room past their appointment time. Our Mobile Primary Care practice comes to your home. We have extended hours into the evening and on weekends, so that our patients don't have to change their entire lives around just to see a healthcare professional. We provide all the same services that a traditional doctor's offers. It's about you.


Covid-19 has brought on a whole new set of concerns for patients. Everyone knows why most primary care offices have a "sick" section of the waiting room. Most patients already aren't feeling at their best when visiting their physician, so do they really want to be exposed to more illnesses, especially during a pandemic? We eliminate all that worry by visiting our patients in the safety of their own home, where they and their family are comfortable and away from exposure of a crowded doctor's waiting room. Our patients love that they avoid traffic and the added risks it brings as well. Some of our patients can't drive or travel easily, and since we travel to them they don't have to worry about securing transportation to see a healthcare professional.


Keep your head above water....

In an endless expanse of healthcare choices, let us be the one that puts your family first. Whether it's the home visits, the safer environment, or the fact that we listen to what our patients need, let us take care of you. Contact us today for more information, explore our site and learn all about us, or book online today and experience what healthcare should be!

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