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Village of Cary Illinois, Village Hall
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While it may be a village, Cary, IL is growing fast and is no longer the tiny hamlet it once was. Whether your looking for a new primary care doctor, physician's office, prefer a nurse practitioner, or want a physician's assistant to care for your family we know you have a lot of choices if you live here. In fact a quick search of some of the top primary care directories show well over one-hundred and fifty different physicians and doctors in the nearby area. So the question becomes, how do you choose one? Keep reading and we will explain why we feel our mobile primary care practice is your best choice in Cary!

Convenience and Safety

Cary Illinois Boundary Map
  • As of the 2019 Census cary had approximately 18,000 residents

  • is approximately 6.25 square miles

  • Major roadways include state routes 31 and 14

So, why do you need a Mobile Primary Care medical professional when you live in Cary, Illinois? Cary is growing, but compared to some of it's nearby neighbors, its' still relatively small. While there may be a decent number of doctor's offices, medical facilities, and physician's nearby, most are still outside the city limits of the village. The offices that are here are mostly located along the U.S. Route 31 and U.S. Route 14 corridors, which can become extremely congested during daytime traffic. Given that these offices are usually only open during the midday, this can make it very difficult for you and your family to get to and see your primary care specialist. No one wants to sit in traffic and many family's can't afford to add an extra twenty minutes or longer onto an already long appointment to plan for it. Add in all the additional risks of the current Covid-19 pandemic: large crowds, packed waiting rooms, and restrictions on the number of family members and children that can be brought along on such appointments, and many family's find it almost impossible to get timely, safe, convenient healthcare for their family. 

The Solution

Complete Family Wellness is a Mobile Primary Care medical practice. That means we bring all the same services that a traditional doctor's office can provide, but we provide them in your own home. Have a common illness like a cold or the flu? We can come and evaluate you at home, perform testing, send off for lab work, and provide prescriptions. Need a vaccine, or booster? We can do that too. School and work physicals? Of course! Chronic illnesses that need long term management? We've got you covered! Anything your current primary care provider does, we do, but there's no need to drive around Cary while you feel under the weather, or pack up all the kids for one appointment. 

Village of Cary Illinois, Fox River

Get on Track.

Having problems seeing a healthcare professional?

Frustrated by the unfriendly hours that your physician provides, or more to the point, doesn't provide? We were too. Our family always found it difficult to get appointments at times that were convenient for us. We didn't always have time to take off work just to go to the doctor's office, and weekends weren't really an option as most primary care facilities are only open for a short time, and the schedules fill up weeks in advance. We decided to do something about it. Complete Family Wellness is open into most evenings and has extended hours on the weekends, just so you don't have to worry about your schedule. We want you to be able to find a time that works for you. And if you ever can't find a time on our schedule that fits for you, just message us! We will make ourselves available for you, when you need us most. Do you have a family member that is homebound, or doesn't have transportation? Remember, we are a Mobile Primary Care practice. We treat you in the comfort of your own home. So message us, ask us questions, and let us help you. Better yet book an appointment today!

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